ROLLERBLADE Twister Xt, Color: Black/Lime, Size: 11/11.5 (072210001A1-11/11.5)

ROLLERBLADE Twister Xt, Color: Black/Lime, Size: 11/11.5 (072210001A1-11/11.5)

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ROLLERBLADE Twister Xt . Color: Black/Lime . Size: 11/11.5 (072210001A1-11/11.5)

Twister XT is a durable urban skate that also has plenty of features to ensure comfort and stability on city streets. The all new fit features a modified . lighter shell and a footboard sizer . which allows skaters to ensure a performance fit.

The Skate Liner Plus with Performance Skate Insole Plus improves the skate stance and skateability with upgraded cushioning . improved wrapping . more breathability and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The V-cut liner ensures additional range of motion while the Comfort Flex Tongue facilitates support and flex.

The secure closure system includes a locking cuff buckle . 45 degree micro-buckle and extended lacing into the liner; Anti-Torsion Box technology utilizes aluminum plates and team up with the 243mm alu frames for maximum power transfer and control. 80mm Hydrogen wheels paired with ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings provide excellent grip and speed.

The Twister XT is an excellent combination of premium fit . superior support and advanced maneuverability.

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