New Bounce Kangaroo Jumping Shoes for Kids Ages 8-12 Jump Boots for Bouncing, Green

New Bounce Kangaroo Jumping Shoes for Kids Ages 8-12 Jump Boots for Bouncing, Green

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Thinking of a fun physical activity with your friends and kids?

Unleash your inner kangaroo and experience the thrill of jumping! Playing with our jumping shoes is a fun way to get some good cardio going to keep you and your kids in shape. These kangaroo shoes help burn calories and body fat as well as strengthen your legs.

With their extra durable and flexible bottoms . jumping using our kangaroo shoes is super comfortable and easy! These jump boots feature rugged rubber grips on the sole for better traction. They also feature a heavy duty frame and adjustable fastening straps for security.

Jump for joy with these New Bounce Jumping Shoes!

Our jumping shoes fit shoe sizes 1-6 (32-38 EU) . making these great for children. The optimal weight capacity for these bounce shoes ranges from 70-100 lbs though it can carry a maximum weight of 110 Lbs. Buy multiple pairs and have a fun-filled party activity!

These jump shoes are a great way to improve your confidence . balance . motor skills . and sensory skills. To jump and bounce around on these kangaroo jumping shoes is entertaining . plus it's a great way to make kids active . Be the best mom . dad . uncle . or aunt and surprise kids with these awesome kangaroo boots as a gift.

Color options for these jump boots are green and purple. To wear them . insert feet with your shoes on and then fasten the strap tightly. To prevent injuries . we always recommend using a helmet and supervising children while playing. These double jump shoes are ideal for kids ages 5 and up.

Reach amazing heights with every jump. Add the New Bounce Jumping Shoes to your cart today!

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